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The DREAM Act Blocked in the Senate

Today, Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke released the following statement after the Senate failed to gain the 60 votes need bring the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minor (DREAM) Act up for a vote:
“It is unfortunate and a great disappointment that the Senate was not able to bring the DREAM Act to the floor for a final vote.  While it saddens me to see this legislation fall victim to the political games of those who are perpetually driven by fear to stand up for what is right, I will continue to fight for the millions of immigrant students affected by our broken immigration system.  I have witnessed firsthand the detrimental effects that the immigration limbo has on these students, families and the community.  It is a moral obligation to allow these young people a fair chance at fulfilling the American Dream.  Let us never forget that when we turn our back on those who come to these shores to become Americans to help build our great nation and to embrace the American Dream, we are turning our backs on ourselves.”