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Rep. Yvette D. Clarke’s Statement on the Passage of H.R. 3962 Affordable Healthcare for America Act

Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke joined the House of Representatives in casting a historic vote passing H.R. 3962 Affordable Healthcare for America Act. She released the following statement:

“Healthcare is a fundamental human right, rather than a commodity. A year ago, Americans cast a historic vote to change the course of this nation. Today, we casted a historic vote to finally manifest the change they demanded, access to affordable Healthcare. I am proud to cast my vote in favor of this bill.

“This bill provides healthcare coverage to 96% of Americans and includes a strong public option that will provide the needed competition to lower premium costs.

“In my district, the 11th Congressional District of Brooklyn, the Affordable Health Care for America Act will:

•First, it will improve employer-based coverage for 367,000 residents. As a result of the insurance reforms in the bill, there will be no co-pays or deductibles for preventive care; no more rate increases or coverage denials for pre-existing conditions, gender, or occupation; and guaranteed oral, vision, and hearing benefits for children.

•Second, it will provide credits to help pay for coverage for up to 160,000 households, if they need to purchase their own coverage.

•Third, under the bill’s insurance reforms, 11,900 individuals in the district who have pre-existing medical conditions will now be able to purchase affordable coverage.

•Finally, this bill will allow 11,300 small businesses to obtain affordable health care coverage and provide tax credits to help reduce health insurance costs for up to 11,400 small businesses.

“This indeed is a historic day. As the legislative process continues, I am confident that the final version of the healthcare reform bill will contain a strong public option. While we have come a long way, the fight is not over. There are still those who want to stand in the way of progress.

“That is why I am continuing to issue a call to action. As supporters of health care reform, you must mobilize by contacting your elected officials and demanding action. Let the whole country know that you support comprehensive healthcare reform. It’s now or never because we will never get an opportunity like this again in our lifetime.”