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Rep. Yvette D. Clarke Calls for Haitian 2010 Elections to Uphold Safety, Democracy and Transparency

Brooklyn, NY- Today, Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke released the following statement as Haitian citizens head to the polls to cast their vote in the 2010 Presidential and Congressional Elections:

“Like many around the world, I am concerned that the recent violent protests, cholera outbreak and slow recovery efforts from the January 12 earthquake will have a negative impact on this year’s election. Despite the many hardships, struggles and setbacks that the Haitian people have experienced, I encourage all the people of Haiti to exercise their right to vote and shape their government. It is clear that these elections are a pivotal moment in Haiti’s reconstruction and recovery efforts. For this reason, I call on Haitian government officials as well as the international community to ensure that this year’s elections are safe and legitimate.

“As a Representative of the second largest Haitian immigrant population in the Unites States, many of my residents are direct stakeholders in the outcome of these elections. As a global community, we are all interconnected and must do everything we can to continue to support our neighbors in the Caribbean. As we quickly approach the one-year anniversary of the January 12 earthquake, let us rededicate ourselves to helping our Haitian brothers and sisters fully recover and restore this great nation. Let us never forget that as we unite with the people of Haiti, Haitian-Americans and the Haitian Diaspora that we are forever guided by the words etched indelibly on the Haitian flag, ‘L’Union fait la force’ (Loon yon feh la force)…through unity, there is strength!”