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Rep. Yvette Clarke on record: Justice and assistance needed for Guinea-Alliance Guinea

“Guinea West Africa has carried the torch of freedom since its independence from the French in 1958.  The country has been an example to the rest of the region throughout its history, as it was the first nation of French West Africa to gain its independence. That said, I am deeply concerned about the rising tensions within the country and its potential to ignite regional instability within the West African region.”

Congresswoman Yvette Clarke of New York made this official statement read into the Congressional Record last week on the occasion of the march on Washington, rising to address the Speaker of the House of Representatives “to acknowledge the Movement of Guinean Women in the United States, the Commission for Guinean Forces Vives in the United States and Alliance Guinea” for organizing the demonstration in front of the State Department to protest the atrocities that continue to take place in Guinea.

Congresswoman Clarke’s declares that she “strongly believes that all citizens of Guinea should be afforded the right to have their voices heard without the threat of violence” and that “those responsible [for the appalling rapes] must be brought to justice.” She calls for the international community to provide emergency care and humanitarian assistance for the people of Guinea following the traumas caused by September 28 and declares her strong backing of the State Department’s position in “admonishing those who committed [the] injustices” and supports the call for the CNDD not to stand in elections.

Congresswoman Clarke has emerged as an early ally in the US Congress for the cause of justice and freedom in Guinea, and we are grateful for her support. To become involved with reaching out to representatives from your home state, tell us of your interest here or email