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Rep. Yvette Clarke Calls For Ethics Reform

Rep. Yvette D. Clarke joined other newly-elected Democrats, in urging Congress to move forward with comprehensive ethics reform by calling for a nonpartisan, independent entity that will vet, initiate, and conduct investigations. 


Many new Members heard frequently from constituents over the last several months about the importance of restoring Congress’s image by enacting real ethics reform.  While the Special Task Force on Ethics Enforcement considers how to proceed on ethics reform, this group of new Members is recommending the creation of an independent ethics entity. 


“The cynicism of the American people is overriding the optimism of what we can do as a democracy,” stated Rep. Clarke.  “Our presence as a freshman caucus will change the dynamics of the House.”


Many new Members have expressed an interest in addressing the structural flaws in the current ethics enforcement process.  In the coming weeks, the Special Task Force on Ethics Enforcement will release a report with recommendations on whether to appoint an outside investigator. 


 Rep. Clarke acknowledged that by undertaking this initiative, her freshman class and colleagues were changing the chemistry of the House of Representatives.



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