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Rep. Clarke’s Calls for a Renewed Commitment to Haiti

In the aftermath of the devastating storms that hit Haiti this past week Congresswoman Clarke released the following statement:

“This past weekend a powerful storm hit the already ravaged capital, Port-au-Prince, where over 1.3 million people are still living in tents, in Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps after their homes were destroyed by an earthquake in January. The storm caused hundreds of injuries, and at least five deaths.

“The devastation that Haiti has seen this past year is horrifying. This storm illuminates the myriad challenges and obstacles Haiti is facing as they attempt to rebuild their nation. A full eight months after the earthquake killed hundreds of thousands, and displaced millions more; hundreds of thousands of people are still living in tents in the capital, waiting for development and recovery to take shape.

“We as a Global community need to renew our commitment in helping Haiti fully recover, placing it at the forefront of our global humanitarian efforts. Let us work together to reestablish a functioning society in Haiti. As the Representative of the second largest Haitian population in the country, I will work diligently with my colleagues in Congress to ensure theattenuate status of Haiti is not forgotten, and that we continue to step up recovery efforts in that nation.”