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Rep. Clarke Speaks Out On Tb Incident

The XDR Tuberculosis Incident; a poorly coordinated federal response to an incident with homeland security implications.  Rep. Clarke made the following statement at today’s hearing.   


 “With three major international airports within miles of Brooklyn, in a state like New York that is landlocked with the Canadian Border, the spread of disease and/or biological weaponry through travel is of great concern to me. 


Frankly, gentleman this branch in the security of our nation is unconscionable.  As this committee, the appropriate government agencies, and the media continue to investigate what occurred, I hope we avoid finding scapegoats, and instead keep the focus on understanding how to fix the system where is had failed. 


Let’s make no mistake, the system failed.  What is so bizarre about this event is the fact that this man, Mr. Speaker, was aware that he needed to turn himself in and intentionally evaded the authorities and we enabled it.” 


The hearing included witnesses from the Department of Homeland Security, the Centers for Disease Control and Protection, and the Office of Field Operations Customs and Border Control.