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Rep. Clarke Expresses Opposition to UN Tax Equalization Refund Act

Today, Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke released the following statement expressing her opposition to H.R. 519, the UN Tax Equalization Refund Act on the House Floor:

“I rise in strong opposition to this misguided legislation which would limit the New York Police Department’s ability to protect American citizens in the nation’s most at-risk city.

“According to the State Department, up to $100 million of the $179 million that the other side is seeking to cut from the U.N. Tax Equalization Fund has been reprogrammed to help enhance security around the U.N. Complex in New York City.

“As the only Member of the Committee on Homeland Security from New York City, I understand the vital role the NYPD plays in protecting not only UN workers, but city residents and the millions of tourists that visit each year.  I have a particular concern to ensure that the NYPD is adequately funded to meet the challenges of defending the U.N. and New York City.  

“With the broad array of threats that New York faces, it is unfathomable that we would consider hindering the NYPD’s ability to protect one of the most important areas of the city. 

“The NYPD has protected visiting dignitaries and the City during the United Nations General Assembly for decades.  We need to support our public safety workforce and invest in the training and equipment necessary to prevent and respond to emergencies.  We should not take away the resources needed for the NYPD to protect citizens; prevent, and mitigate terrorist threats.

“As we near the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, we are reminded that New York City has been the target of multiple significant terrorist plots.  United Nations facilities around the world have been targeted by terrorist.

“A vote for this legislation is a vote to expose New York City to risk and I urge my colleagues to vote against this misguided and potentially harmful legislation.”