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Rep. Clarke Endorses Impeachment Resolution Of Vice President Cheney

  The resolution sets forth the articles of impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney that if passed, will begin the process for impeachment. 


“This Administration has continued to erode the trust of the American people and enough is simply enough,” stated Rep. Clarke.


H.Res. 333 was introduced to the House of Representatives by Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio on April 24, 2007, and asserts that the vice president manipulated intelligence to make the case for going to war with Iraq, falsified a connection between Iraq and al-Qaeda, and has threatened aggression against Iran. 


“When the American people voted on November 7th, they asked for a change in direction by electing the Democratic party in the House and Senate.  I have heard the loud cries of my constituents, and they want accountability.  My support of HRes 333 reflects the voices of the residents of central Brooklyn.”