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Press Release on the nomination of Loretta Lynch to become Attorney General of the United States

Brooklyn, N.Y. – Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke released the following statement on the nomination of Loretta Lynch to become the Eighty-Third Attorney General of the United States.

“I congratulate President Obama on his superb selection of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General of the United States. I also wish to congratulate Ms. Lynch on accepting the Presidential nomination. She is poised to become the first African-American woman to hold this very important position. A Harvard-educated attorney with a very distinguished career that includes service to our nation as a federal prosecutor, as well as an attorney in private practice, Loretta Lynch’s life’s work has been made illustrious by her commitment to justice and her dedication to the full and fair application of the law. As a Brooklyn native I witnessed her relentless quest for justice as she directed the successful prosecution of police officers who brutally attacked Abner Louima, a Brooklyn resident at time of his assault. When it comes bringing to justice those who would engage in terrorist activities, Loretta Lynch has been there, done that,” said Congresswoman Clarke.

“As the highest law enforcement official in the United States, she will work to secure for the people of this nation all the rights to which we are entitled by law. I urge the U. S. Senate to commence hearings to advance Ms. Lynch’s candidacy and schedule a vote on her nomination as soon as possible. Given the importance of our U.S. Attorney General’s office, it is imperative that Loretta Lynch begin the process of transition and assume the duties of the office, protecting and serving the American people.”