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House Passes the Museum and Library Services Act

Today, the House of Representatives passed S. 3984, the Museum and Library Services Act (MLSA) by way of voice vote.  This bi-partisan bill is a reauthorization and update to the Museum and Library Services Act, which will provide federal funding for libraries and museums to ensure the continued preservation and expansion, of their valuable collections.  
“I applaud the passage of the Museum and Library Services Act.  Our nation’s libraries and museums are wonderful educational resources for our communities.  It is through these institutions that we are able to appreciate the cultural and artistic treasures that are available to us here in Brooklyn,” stated Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke.  “It is good to know that this legislation will help some of Brooklyn’s most beloved institutions like the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, the Jewish Children Museum, the Brooklyn Public libraries and many more.” 
This legislation also recognizes the importance of digital literacy services, as well as the workforce resources and services, provided by libraries.  Additionally, this bill encourages greater collaboration between museums and other organizations and agencies, so that they can leverage their resources in a joint effort to revitalize communities. 
As a Member of the House Education and Labor Committee, Congresswoman Clarke has long fought to ensure that these institutions have the resources they need to culturally and intellectually enrich our society.  Congresswoman Clarke secured $250,000 in federal funding for the Brooklyn Children’s Museum in Fiscal Year 2010 Appropriations.   
“Again, I am happy to see Congress support the advancement of these important institutions.  Know that I will continue to help these institutions get the resources they need to flourish and grow,” concluded Congresswoman Clarke.