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House Passes Resolution Honoring the 100th Anniversary of the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Today, the House of Representatives considered Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke’s resolution H.Res. 1428.This resolution recognizes the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens on their 100th anniversary as the preeminent horticultural attraction in Brooklyn. It passed the House by a vote of 401 to 0. Rep. Yvette D. Clarke released the following statement:

“Today, I proudly rise in support of H.Res. 1428, which recognizes and salutes the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens on the occasion of their 100th Anniversary as the preeminent horticultural attraction in the borough of Brooklyn and its longstanding commitment to environmental stewardship and education for the City of New York.

“The Brooklyn Botanic Garden opened its doors to the public in 1910. Today this 52-acre urban oasis features more than 11,000 different kinds of plants from around the world and specialty gardens, including the Japanese-Hill-and-Pond-Garden, the Children’s Garden, the Native Flora Garden, the Cranford Rose Garden, the Alice Recknagel Ireys Fragrance Garden, and the Steinhardt Conservatory.

“The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is an important part of the Brooklyn community, reaching over 150,000 children every year through various programs on site, in schools, and throughout the community. This Garden contributes to environmental and public education in Brooklyn through partnerships with the Brooklyn “Academy of Science and the Environment High School. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden hosts an annual Cherry Blossom Festival and has become an integral part of the cultural life and economic development of Brooklyn and provides an invaluable service to residents.

“Today, under the leadership of President Scot Medbury and Board Chairman Frederick Bland, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden thrives in a dense urban setting in the heart of New York’s 11th Congressional District and welcomes more than 725,000 visitors annually.

“The Garden serves more than 150,000 youth annually through a wide range of on-site, in-school, and community-based initiatives. It is a leader in building stronger, healthier communities through programs such as GreenBridge, which involves over 60,000 Brooklyn residents annually in neighborhood greening projects. Through its scientific research, plant-conservation projects, and award-winning publications, the Garden is a vital source of public awareness and understanding of the essential role plants play in our lives.

“While the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens has had 100 wonderful years of establishment, I am excited to see what the future holds for this great institution. I am happy to see that it is revitalizing its 52 acres by developing more than four acres of new and enhanced gardens for the enjoyment and education of the public, improving facilities to orient, and serve visitors, and expanding its community horticulture programs.

“The new Herb Garden opened in the Spring of 2010 and is the first of several new and re-imagined gardens to come. The Visitor Center currently under construction will be an extraordinary demonstration of what can be achieved through environmentally sensitive design and will help the Garden better welcome its growing audience. A series of exciting projects will continue to unfold over the next several years in response to the urgent call for beauty and renewal in urban life and for environmental stewardship at all levels of society.
“As a Brooklyn native, for years, I have seen how this dynamic institution has educated people of all our diverse urban neighborhoods about the importance of enhancing the quality of their surroundings through the cultivation and enjoyment of plants.
“It has done an outstanding job of bringing public awareness to the importance of sustaining our environment and providing access to the tools and ways in which we can conserve and protect it.

“I urge anyone who has the chance, to visit the Garden and witness firsthand the abundance of breathtaking plant life that resides in the middle of Brooklyn. All of us in Brooklyn appreciate the role that the Brooklyn Botanic Garden plays in our lives, and we look forward to our continued enjoyment of this beautiful institution.

“This recognition is well deserved and I urge my colleagues to join me in passing this important legislation. Thank you.”