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Executive Action on Immigration to be Argued before Supreme Court

“President Obama’s executive action for immigrant families in the United States is a common-sense, reprioritization of resources designed to provide relief for immigrant family members facing the threat of separation from one another. The current law suit, which will be heard before the Supreme Court of the United States, is a reflection of continued obstruction of common sense immigration measures,” Congresswoman Clarke said.

“In our nation’s history, Presidents from both sides of the aisle have enacted immigration policies designed to remedy the stress that our broken system places on families. From Presidents Eisenhower, Reagan, and George H.W. Bush to Presidents Clinton and Obama, our Executive Branch of government has consistently worked to preserve the values of family, even in the most bureaucratic processes. The challenge against this executive action is a challenge to America’s core values. I wholeheartedly support President Obama’s executive action and hope that common sense will prevail once more,” said Congresswoman Clarke.  

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