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Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke Expresses Deep Concern about Slow Snow Clean Up in New York City

Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke released the following statement expressing her concern about the slow snow removal following the recent blizzard that hit the northeastern United States: 
“With more than 20 inches of snow covering much of New York City, I am dismayed by the lack of preparedness demonstrated by our city’s Administration in the aftermath of Sunday’s blizzard.  My office is hearing nothing short of outrage from Central Brooklyn residents about the seemingly lack of planning and preparation that has caused many residents to be trapped in their homes with the inability to access basic and emergency services.  The excessive delay in plowing residential, secondary and tertiary corridors has raised very valid concerns that first responders don’t have the ability to reach our most vulnerable populations including the elderly, disabled and infirmed.  These vulnerable residents often times have limited mobility as well as limited access to warmth, during an extreme weather emergency such as this one.  
“I join many of my constituents and colleagues in decrying the lack of preparation taken by the City’s Administration in anticipation of this storm.  I am urging  the Mayor’s office to immediately step up its efforts to have the snow cleared in Central Brooklyn. I would also like to strongly suggest that the City undertake a strategic planning process and exercise to put a worst case scenario readiness strategic plan in place.  This would ensure that New York City has the proper assets and protocols in place to handle the after affects of such a massive snow fall like this in the future.  
“As a Member of the House Homeland Security Committee, I understand the importance of ensuring that our first responders have access to the resources they need to assist our citizens during weather emergencies such as this.”