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Congresswoman Clarke’s Support for Executive Order to Tackle Gun Violence

Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke released the following statement in support of President Obama's executive order expanding background checks on the sale of guns and encouraging the expanded use of smart gun technology. 

“I applaud President Barack Obama for taking this historic executive action to address gun violence in our nation.  These actions will save lives and make America a safer place,” said Congresswoman Clarke.  “The President’s actions will strengthen life-saving background checks, improve mental health services, and expand smart gun technology.  I stand with President Obama and all Americans of good will who are fed-up with the inaction from the Republican Majority in Congress who remain derelict in their duty to protect the American people from the daily onslaught of gun violence in our communities. It is now time for Congress to follow the President’s leadership and pass meaningful gun laws,” said Congresswoman Clarke.

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