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Clarke Statement on 99th Anniversary of NAACP

th anniversary of its founding on February 12, 1909.


“I am honored to recognize the NAACP on 99 years of activism that has changed the racial landscape of America. As the premiere civil rights organization in our nation, the NAACP continues to engage in the hard work of ensuring that every person is guaranteed their civil and innate human rights.


“The success of the NAACP is in their conviction that a country based on laws must abide by them. With some of the most talented legal minds in our country — such as Thurgood Marshall and Oliver W. Hill — the NAACP has won legendary cases in bringing about justice for disenfranchised Americans.


“With the resurgence of hate crimes and questions around voter disenfranchisement occurring in the 21st century, we are blessed to have this distinguished organization to challenge such incidents.  As we continue the journey to bring equality to all in our society, I commend the NAACP for being a champion of social justice for 99 years and wish them well for years to come.”




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