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Clarke Statement on GOP’s Short-Term Continuing Resolution

Clarke Statement on GOP’s Short-Term Continuing Resolution

WASHINGTON—Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke (NY-09) released this statement following the House vote to fund the federal government until January 19, 2018. Clarke voted against the resolution:

“Despite controlling both houses of Congress and the White House, Republicans still could not agree on a way to fund the government for more than a month at a time. In fact, earlier this year, President Trump said ‘our government needs a good shutdown.’

“Congressional Republicans spent an entire year fighting for special interest giveaways and against ordinary Americans. The GOP prioritized tax cuts for lobbyists, corporations that ship jobs overseas and political donors over dealing with the urgent, overdue priorities for the American people.

“Republicans failed to prioritize children’s healthcare, emergency disaster funding for all hurricane- and wildfire-impacted communities, saving Americans’ pensions, and the passage of a bipartisan DREAM Act.

“Republicans have no real plan for our country and today’s vote demonstrates just how vacuous their promises are.

“I hope that voters will remember this in the coming months.”