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April 18, 2024



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Washington, D.C. — Today, Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke (NY-09) issued the following statement regarding her vote against H.Res.883.

“As a representative of one of the nation’s most diverse districts, including a large Jewish community, I understand the fear sparked by Iran’s attack on Israel. History shows that such events tragically lead to increased antisemitic violence worldwide. We must treat all threats against our Jewish communities with utmost seriousness. That’s why I voted against H.Res.883.

“This resolution is a cynical ploy by House Republicans to distract from the real issues facing our communities. It dangerously conflates a slogan with antisemitism, undermining genuine efforts to combat hatred. Even more concerning, this resolution accomplishes nothing to combat antisemitism. Instead, it’s a thinly-veiled attempt by House Republicans to deflect responsibility for their inaction on this urgent issue.

“We cannot play politics with the safety of our communities, and the recent spike in antisemitism across the nation presents a grave threat that requires every single one of us to band together against all forms of hatred. We cannot play politics with the safety of our communities. We have a moral responsibility to protect them from hate and fear, and it’s shameful to trivialize the alarming rise in antisemitism. Throughout my career, I have tirelessly worked to fight against antisemitism and all forms of hate. H.Res.883 trivializes the alarming rise in antisemitism. It is nothing but a performative gesture when we need real solutions to the serious threat of the rise of antisemitism.”