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Clarke Hosts “How To” Briefing for Perspective Haiti Contractors


USAID Outlines Procurement Process for Businesses Interested in Haitian Rebuilding Efforts

Brooklyn, N.Y. – Today, Congresswoman Clarke teamed up with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to discuss the next steps in the Haitian rebuilding process. With a focus on sustainable development, the presentation provided an overview and tutorial of the USAID procurement processes. Contracting initiatives are critical to ensuring that the political, physical and economic infrastructures are restored as efficiently as possible in Haiti.

The goal of this initiative is to ensure that the professional expertise of the Haitian Diaspora are included in efforts to rebuild Haiti’s infrastructure, as well as the provision of educational, technological, security, and economic assistance.

“While resources continue to be focused on humanitarian relief, the international community needs to refocus on a long term strategy to rebuilding Haiti’s economic stability,” said Rep. Clarke. “Encouraging businesses, especially Haitian businesses, to contract in Haiti is central to the rebuilding process. The international response to this crisis has been commendable, but Haiti cannot be restructured without the resources, knowledge, and aspirations of Haitians, the African Diaspora and those sensitive to Haitian culture.”

“USAID has been integral in assisting Haiti in its response to the tragic aftermath of the earthquake. I thank them for their commitment to Haiti and its people. I look forward to continue working with them to ensure that Haiti is rebuilt for Haitians, by Haitians and their allies,” concluded Rep. Clarke.