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Rep. Clarke Statement on Mass Shooting in Brownsville

Brooklyn, NY — Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke (NY-09) issued the following statement in response to the shooting last night at the Old Timers Day block party in Brownsville: 


“Heartbroken that our community is faced with another tragedy, a mass shooting at what was supposed to be a fun, summertime neighborhood block party with neighbors, friends and family. Two people ruined that last night, taking away the peace of 12 victims who were shot, including one person who has been confirmed murdered.” 


“These 12 victims are someone’s, brother, father, uncle, son, sister, mother, aunt, someone’s daughter. I pray for these victims and their families. Brooklyn is where I was born, raised, live and represent today and I am deeply shook that our community has been confronted with such a tragedy. I pray for healing. I pray that my colleagues in Washington will finally put politics aside to enact common sense gun violence-prevention legislation, so going forward no person will be fearful to attend community events, like last night’s Old Timers Day block party in Brownsville.” 


“I will continue to fight for common sense gun safety laws as Central Brooklyn’s Member of Congress. I hope this weekend’s mass shooting in Brooklyn will convince Senators, regardless of the letter behind their name, to do the decent, human thing and pass the Bipartisan Backgrounds Checks Bill that has already passed in the House earlier this year. We must continue to fight for common sense gun safety and passage of this bill would be a monumental step in this fight.”