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February 6, 2022



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Jamaican-born Rt. Rev. Hamilton Gonzalez has centered her life mission around human rights & reducing the gap and disparities in education in Central Brooklyn

Washington, D.C. — Today, Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke announced that she will be joined by Rt. Rev. Sylveta A. Hamilton Gonzalez as her guest to President Biden’s State of the Union Address to Congress on Tuesday, February 7. 

Jamaican-born Rt. Rev. Sylveta A. Hamilton Gonzales, the founder, chief executive officer, and bishop of Kingdom Ministries, Inc., was appointed as a human rights commissioner by former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. She is also the chair of the Caribbean Research Center at Brooklyn’s predominantly Black Medgar Evers College, City University of New York.

The State of the Union Address will highlight the achievements that House Democrats and President Biden have delivered over the past two years and the work that Democrats are doing to defend our American values from extreme MAGA Republicans.

“Thanks to House Democrats and President Biden, our country has made tremendous progress for everyday Brooklyn families. From the air we breathe to the bridges we cross, landmark investments spanning numerous critical spaces have propelled our community and America at-large forward at unprecedented speeds. But we must not fail to remember, despite all we’ve reached, significant struggles remain on our horizons. The scourges of police brutality and gun violence, the dearth of affordable healthcare and housing, our mistreatment of migrants and their families – these issues define our American reality, today, and I look forward to hearing President Biden’s plan to address each of them on our path forward and beyond,” said Congresswoman Clarke.

“People like Rt. Rev. Hamilton Gonzales exemplify not only the greatness and excellence immigrants can bring to our country, but the progress we have made and the work that House Democrats will continue to do to defend American values. Her story is that of countless Americans, and it is my privilege to join her for President Biden’s State of the Union Address to Congress tomorrow evening.”

“I am honored to join Representative Clarke at the State of the Union Address to hear from President Biden about the progress we have made and the work we still have to do to defend our American values,” said Rt. Rev. Hamilton Gonzales

Bishop Hamilton Gonzales holds a Masters in Divinity from Princeton University and has long served as an educator at the prestigious MACADEMY School of Science and Technology. She has devoted her life and career to education and the betterment of Brooklyn.