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Apply for FY25 Community Project Funding

We are pleased to inform you that the Office of Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke (NY-09) is now accepting requests for Community Project Funding (CPF) for the FY2025 Appropriations Cycle. To apply for FY25 Community Project Funding, please fill out this form and read the below closely. If you have questions regarding the application process, please reach out to The deadline to submit a request for CPF is Friday, May 3rd by close of business. After applying, we may reach out if more information is required. If your project is selected by our office, we will contact you to let you know and make you aware of next steps.

If a project is deemed eligible and accepted by the Appropriations Committee, it will be included in the House’s initial draft of the relevant Appropriations bill. In order to actually receive funding, a project must continue to be included in the final Appropriations bill that is ultimately passed by both chambers of Congress and signed into law by the president. Once the bill is signed into law, the relevant federal agency will reach out directly to your organization to enter into a formal grant agreement with the federal government. Sometime later, the funds will be allocated to your organization. Please note that it may take 12 months (or more) from the time you apply before you actually receive the requested funding.

The ONLY entities eligible to receive Community Project Funding are non-profits and governmental entities. For-profit entities are not eligible and should not apply. Note that memorials, museums, and commemoratives are no longer eligible projects. Additionally, for FY25 CPF, only governmental entities may apply for funding via the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Economic Development Initiative (EDI). Non-profit entities are no longer eligible to apply for funding for the HUD/EDI account but do remain eligible to apply for funding under other accounts. In previous years, many of the funding requests our office supported for CPF were for non-profits via the HUD/EDI account. Those same projects will no longer be considered as eligible to receive funding due to this change.

Eligible projects from eligible entities must show a clear, direct benefit to the people of New York’s 9th Congressional District. Please provide details on how the project benefits our community and why it is a good use of taxpayer funds. Projects and organizations based in our district will receive the highest priority. Please provide as much clarity as possible in your project description and budget. The more information we have on how your organization plans to spend the requested funds, the better. Please note that based on previous cycles, requests for funding to cover salaries are not eligible. The most commonly funded projects in the past tend to be those that involve the acquisition, preservation, demolition, or renovation of property. For more information on project eligibility, please click here.

Perhaps the most important factor in determining which projects are accepted by the Appropriations Committee is demonstrable community support. Community support can take many forms including (but not limited to) letters of support from elected officials/community leaders, media articles highlighting the need for the project, support from editorial boards, inclusion in State use or community development plans, and/or resolutions passed by city councils or community boards. Please provide links to relevant websites in your application as appropriate. 

For all other community support documents, please email them to with a subject line reading “[Organization Name/Project Name] NY09CPF FY25 Community Support Documents” in order to receive proper consideration. Please note emails sent without the appropriate subject line may not be reviewed in time to be considered.