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Clarke Helps Secure Free COVID-19 Testing For Brooklyn’s NYCHA Residents

Brooklyn, NY- As the United States continues to fight the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s crucial that Americans of all backgrounds have adequate access to testing facilities. These tests determine whether or not individuals have been infected and assist experts in tracking infection rates across the nation. As a result of this need, Rep. Yvette D. Clarke and other elected officials collaborated with Ready Responders to provide New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) residents with free testing in their homes. 

This initiative was a call to action following Governor Cuomo’s announcement on April 20th that there would be improved and affordable testing available for NYCHA residents. Clarke played a crucial role in ensuring that these resources were made readily available to NYCHA residents in her district, including families living in Albany 1 and 2 and Nostrand/Sheepshead Bay housing units. These efforts are Phase 2 of the goal set to ensure all NYCHA residents receive access to free testing.

Clarke said: “In this time of national crisis, I’m fighting for all individuals to have access to basic medical services such as COVID-19 testing, regardless of income, race, immigration status and place of residence. That is why I am proud to work with Ready Responders in order to make this vision a reality in my district, and for all NYCHA residents. My goal is to have free, accessible testing ready for use throughout Brooklyn, so that we can do our best in fighting this virus so we can rebuild. It is crucial that we expand these services to where they are needed the most: in homes, apartment buildings and special care facilities.”

Congresswoman Clarke’s recent collaboration with Ready Responders to serve her constituents who are NYCHA residents only reaffirms her commitment to improving and elevating Brooklyn’s public housing. Most recently, Congresswoman Clarke led a letter to House leadership fighting for increased funding for public housing in the next coronavirus relief stimulus package. View the letter here.

In addition, Congresswoman Clarke and her colleagues wrote to NYCHA to require them to increase their building sanitation practices and procedures after residents complained about the lack of cleanliness and coronavirus preparedness.

In the coming months Congresswoman Clarke intends to further her efforts to expand access to essential medical treatment during this outbreak. COVID-19 testing and other lifesaving medical services should be accessible to all New Yorkers, and are imperative in assisting medical personnel as they protect our community’s health. Congresswoman Clarke will continue her efforts to provide free testing for all of her constituents who are NYCHA residents.