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Federal Reserve Concludes National Summit Examining Foreclosed Properties

Rep. Clarke states, “It is important to develop comprehensive strategies to help stabilize our communities.”

Yesterday,  the Federal Reserve concluded a two day national summit titled, “REO and Vacant Property Strategies for Neighborhood Stabilization.” Held at the Federal Reserve Board’s Martin Building in Washington, D.C., the summit examined the impact foreclosed and vacant properties have on our communities. Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke released the following statement:

“I am pleased that the FED is examining this important issue. It is vital that we have a comprehensive strategy to address the foreclosure crisis and neighborhood stability. Existing programs have been effective but their benefits need to be more broadly shared and these solutions need to come sooner. Families continue to suffer due to the foreclosure crisis. This challenging economy has no bout, created obstacles for hard working families to climb out of the difficulties they face. I applaud the FED for holding this summit in order to contribute to the national discussion on how to make positive strides in one of the most challenging policy areas facing our economy and our neighborhoods.”

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