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Clarke Demands Answers from Con Edison on Recent Power Outages

Brooklyn, NY – Congresswoman Clarke issued the following letter to Con Edison demanding answers about recent power outages in Brooklyn, because Brooklyn residents deserve a modern power grid that is resilient and ready for the needs of the 21st Century. The Congresswoman also requested a meeting with Con Edison to discuss how they can prevent these power outages from happening again. Rep. Clarke specifically asked for  answers and solutions from Con Edison about:

•What measures is Con Edison currently taking to modernize our grid, prevent similar power outages in the future, and increase grid resiliency?
•How did ConEd make the decision to preemptively cut 30,000 residents off from electricity in southeast Brooklyn?
•What further measures could ConEd take & what types of support would be most effective to transform NYC’s electrical grid to bring it into the 21st Century?



Additional information: Residents can use this Con Edison form to file a claim.