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Clarke FAST Redress Act Passes House

FAST Redress Act, H.R. 4179, was successfully passed unanimously by the members of the U.S. House of Representatives. This bill has received favorable reviews from the New York Times (published May 15, 2008), as well as community and business organizations.


“The passage of this bill by my colleagues in the House of Representatives lets the American public know that we hear their concerns and follow them through with action,” stated Rep. Clarke.  “Today, the American people can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that this Democratic led Congress is fervently working to address the issue of misidentification of travelers in an efficient and effective manner.”


To date, more than 15,000 people who feel they have been misidentified as suspected terrorist have sought redress from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and voluntarily provided personal information to facilitate travel and prevent further misidentifications and delays. 


This legislation requires the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security to establish a more effective redress process within the Department, through the establishment of the Office of Appeals and Redress.  Further, this legislation requires the Secretary to ensure that a Comprehensive Cleared List is maintained by the Office of Appeals and Redress, furnished to, and used by all Department components that perform screening, and that the same list is furnished to other federal, state, local, and tribal agencies that use the terrorist watch list.




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